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pdfMachine merge 2.0.7277.27057 快速創建PDF文件格式的強力工具
pdfMachine merge是一款相當簡單的軟件,旨在幫助您使用Word、PowerPoint、Excel甚至HTML文件作為基本合並模板發送大量帶有個性化PDF附件的電子郵件。




您可以自定義合並配置文件,發送電子郵件,在應用程序中搜索信息,並通過瀏覽日誌查看操作的詳細列表。雖然乍一看可能有點復雜,但pdfMachine merge的界面很好地將事情保持在最低的難度水平。


創建和管理合並概要文件的過程非常簡單。這樣想:你有你的基本Word或Excel文檔,你把它加載到pdfMachine merge中,它會自動生成個性化的PDF附件。根據您的進一步設置和輸入,可以立即通過電子郵件發送給任意數量的收件人。




增加了對發送電子郵件的Gmail API的支持。



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pdfMachine merge is a fairly simple piece of software that aims to help you with sending large numbers of emails with personalized PDF attachments using Word, PowerPoint, Excel and even HTML files as the base merging templates.

Its basic principle is quite easy to understand, as it helps you personalize each email with its own distinct information. This makes it ideal for users who need to send batch emails to their subscribers and, for example, need to input their names in each one.

Requires you to install pdfMachine before it can work
First things first, before you can actually take advantage of what this utility can bring to the table, you need to make sure that pdfMachine is installed on your computer. Only after this, the app displays its well-designed main window.

You can customize the merging profile, send emails, search for information within the app and view a detailed list of actions by exploring the log. While at first it might seem a bit complicated, pdfMachine merge's interface does a good job at keeping things to a minimum level of difficulty.

User-friendly application with a somewhat lean learning curve
The process of creating and managing merge profiles is quite straightforward. Think of it this way: you have your base Word or Excel document, you load it into pdfMachine merge and it automatically generates personalized PDF attachments. Based on your further settings and input, they can be sent via email right away, for any number of recipients.

More precisely, after you load the base file, you need to select the emailing method and then customize the email sending settings. Besides this, you are required to also choose a location for each PDF attachment dynamically generated from merging the template file and the data source file.

When it comes to the actual email sending part, things are even simpler, as you once again have to choose the merge profile, select the email sending method and select one of the displayed merge modes.

You have the option to generate all documents and attachments without actually sending the email, send the message to a specific email address (for example, your own, to make sure they are correct) or send the email to recipients in the data source file directly.

Added support for Gmail API for sending emails.
Fixed issue with 'send random 5 emails' where there was not enough rows.
Fixed ReplyTo address field not working in Outlook.