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TurboZIP Compression Suite 8.5 壓縮和解壓縮程序
實行多種壓縮文件格式,管理Zip及CAB文件,利用鼠標拖曳方式,將文件複製或搬移到想放的目錄,另外還支持觀看不同的文件格式,文本方面支持:MS Word,Excel,HTML,TXT及PDF,多媒體文件支持AVI,MOV,WAV,MID,MPEG及MP3,圖形方面支持BMP,GIF,DIB,Animated GIF,JPG,PPT及DWF等。

TurboZip 家族新一代的壓縮和解壓縮程序,它加強了使用上的方便及功能,可利用鼠標右鍵直接壓縮或解壓縮,且可壓縮成 Zip 或 Cab 文件,另也可選擇壓縮或解壓縮 + 選項將文件壓縮直接分割成數個文件,另它支持多種文件格式的免解壓縮即可瀏覽的功能,包括:Word、Excel、HTML、TXT、PDF、AV、 MOV、WAV、 MID、MPEG、MP3、BMP、DIB、GIF、Animated GIF、JPG、PPT、DWF、其他如圖片、ICON、ActiveX、ActiveMovie 都可,且一般的壓縮文件都可直接安裝程序,即免解壓縮再安裝程序!

Fresh Interface with Drag and Drop
Just drag and drop your archives into TurboZIP and watch it opening up and listing all files inside the archives in front of you with its multithreading technology. TurboZIP brings you the familiar searchable tree style archives, internal folder structure or the new thumbnail display, a blazing fast work flow, and a quick preview.

Compress Files with Encryption

Fast Compression
TurboZIP ships with powerful options so you can adapt it to your needs. It supports 9 levels of compression ratios vs. speed, choose a default output folder, automatically remove archives after unzipping them, keep folder structures, and many more features make this the most complete archiving tool for you

Compatibilities and Unlimited Size
TurboZIP compression is compatible with industry standard zip format, as well as with PKZIP 8.0, SecureZIP 8.0 and WinZip 9.0 with regard to zip files of unlimited size.

Secure and Private
When passwords (file encryption) are applied, they are not assigned to the ZIP archive itself, but to individual files within it. Therefore, individual files can be encrypted, or not, and individual files can have different passwords for accessing them.

Preview Archives

Fast Thumbnail View with Slider Control
You can browse photos or other images before you unzip with the new thumbnail view of TurobZIP. With Slider control, your photos come alive. Thumbnails are displayed on the fly; they are not using any disk space. TurboZIP focuses on performance. It works with the super fast zip/unzip core engine. Many performance options have been added to increase speed of zipping and unzipping. TurboZIP comes with build-in viewers for over 200 file formats, from digital photos and multimedia files, Adobe Acrobat PDF, Microsoft Office, CAD* (DWF, DWG, DXF), to HTML with live links. * Download free Volo 3.0 plug-in or any compatible ActiveX components........