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Active@ Partition Recovery Ultimate 19.0.3 一個功能強大的DOS磁盤工具
Active@ Partition Recovery 是一個功能強大的DOS磁盤工具!他可以幫助你回覆誤刪除的分區!他可以備份MBR,分區表和啟動扇區!在硬盤被破壞的時候可以幫你迅速的回覆!

喜歡把玩系統的你也許會遇到下面的情形:用Fdisk或其他程序誤刪了分區;硬盤的分區邏輯結構被損壞(例如啟動病毒發作)。這時,看著一團糟的硬盤分區表是不是有預哭無淚的感覺:多少辛辛苦苦下載來的寶貴資料和數據啊!現在,有了Active@Partition Recovery你或許可以更加“肆無忌憚”地折騰系統了。

Active@ Partition Recovery Ultimate is an ultimate data recovery tool set. In addition to Professional features, it contains a bootable ISO Image (WinPE based Active@ Boot Disk Lite) that you can burn to a CD-ROM or write to a USB Flash drive and boot Windows from this CD-ROM/USB to recover partitions (including the system ones) as well as to recover particular files and folders from within the familiar Windows environment.

Ultimate edition includes also Linux-based bootable Active@ LiveCD (Linux recovery environment) being able to boot all the latest x86 & x64 UEFI secure boot systems as well as standard BIOS. Universal bootable disk creator prepares DOS, Windows or Linux boot disks for any type of media (CD/DVD/BD/USB). Ultimate version also includes the Active@ File Recovery - tool to recover deleted files, files on damaged partitions and to reconstruct damaged RAID disk arrays. Active@ File Recovery allows you to save particular files in case of unsuccessful partition recovery (for example, the file system itself is severely damaged).

Active@ Partition Recovery Ultimate Features:
- Includes DOS, Windows & Linux versions in one package. Windows Installer
- LastChance recovery mode detects files by their signatures on severely damaged volumes new!
- Built-in Organizer allows to rename & organize files in folders (detected by signatures) new!
- Includes integrated Active@ Disk Editor (Hex Viewer) - low-level disk and file inspector
- Includes Active@ File Recovery - recovery tool for restoring deleted files & damaged RAIDs
- Includes WinPE-based Active@ Boot Disk Lite (Windows Recovery Environment) for recovery of system partitions on unbootable systems
- Includes OpenSUSE-based Active@ LiveCD (Linux Recovery Environment) for unbootable systems recovery, being able to boot the latest x86 & x64 UEFI secure boot - systems, and regular BIOS new!
- Bootable Disk Creator allows you to create bootable USB Flash disk, as well as CD/DVD/Blu-ray disks
- Bootable Disk customization - adding user files, changing network, security & language settings