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SciChart WPF SDK WPF繪圖組件
SciChart WPF是是高性能WPF 2D和3D圖表組件。可通過多種圖表類型提供極其豐富,快速和交互式的圖表體驗。它被設計用於在WPF圖表中需要極高的速度、豐富的交互性以及功能深度和靈活性的領域,如科學、金融、交易、工程和醫療應用等等,您可以輕鬆構建您的第一個圖表應用程序,並且為了讓您能夠快速的學習使用,每個SciChart平台都包含一個豐富的示例套件,向您展示如何使用SciChart的常見用例。具有DirectX硬件加速和傳奇技術支持的全球最佳2D和3D WPF圖表!包含大約125個豐富的示例展示了SciChart 2D和SciChart 3D的功能。支持搜索標籤,示例標題,描述和源代碼上的鍵。可在示例應用程序中查看/複製源。可將示例導出到獨立的Visual Studio項目。以及查看SciChart網站上的WPF圖表示例頁面,因為它包含所有在線示例,屏幕截圖,視頻和源代碼示例的鏈接。

SciChart is one of the best graphing components for WPF. Before the SciChart link was built, most graph components used default graphical libraries (provided by the operating system) to plot graphs, resulting in poor performance when adding more than a few thousand data. While most applications do not need to show thousands or millions of data points, some do. The SciChart component is available for iOS and Android with Xamarin support.

Features of SciChart Component

Includes designing tools for financial planning
Possibility of drawing and drawing on charts with brushes and drawing tools
Featuring zoomable 3D charts, 3D scene rotation
Ability to create a variety of geometric graphs such as linear, spherical, circular, etc.
Ability to display thousands of strings or hundreds of WPF charts in one UI without stopping the rest of the interface
Ability to display more than 10 million data in linear graphs, million scatter charts, and in instantaneous .NET applications

Required system
SciChart WPF is designed to run on any Windows PC which is capable of running WPF with .NET4.5 or above.
Windows versions supported are the same that WPF and .NET4.5 supports, e.g. Windows Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.
.NET Framework versions supported are .NET4.5 and later (including .NET4.5.1, .NET4.5.2, .NET4.6, .NET4.7)

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