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Easy OnAir NDI 0.9.072 一款支持4K、HD、SD自動播放和圖形流媒體的媒體軟件
Easy OnAir NDI 是一款支持4K、HD、SD自動播放和圖形流媒體的媒體軟件,使用它可以讓用戶朋友根據自己的需求對4K、HD、SD等圖形流媒體進行編輯處理。




  Playout可提供UHD 12G或Quad 3G SDI輸出,除HD、SD輸出外,還可同時提供IP輸出,同時提供常規輸出。IP輸出可以是RTP/UDP作為廣播IP多路復用器的恆定比特率,或者作為RTMP輸出到任何CDN、社交媒體。



4K/HD/SD Automated Playout and Graphics with Streaming.

Drag, Drop and Play any Video Files Instantly
You can easily add your files by drag and drop method directly anywhere on playlist from file explorer of OS to content field. There is no restriction on number of media files added to the playlist of playout.

Playout Outputs; 4K, UHD, HD, SD and IP
Playout can provide UHD 12G or Quad 3G SDI output beside HD, SD output, concurrently can provide IP output while providing conventional output. IP outputs can be RTP/UDP as constant bit rate for broadcast IP multiplexers, or as RTMP output to any CDN, social media or YouTube live.

Integrated CG Can Be Used for Logo, Ticker, SMS, Animated Movies, Clock and Timer
Playout has an CG render server inside. It provides animation, crawl, roll, video, video with alpha channel, picture, picture sequences, clock or any interactive CG items can be included in playout automation.

Virtually Trim/Split Files, Select and Independently Listen to any of the 16 Channels of Audio
Playout trim window provides editing on a video can be as virtually to trim or split into files on playout. Select and independently listen to any of the 16 channels of audio beside audio tracks.

Run up to 16 SD Channels with Graphics in a Single Box
Easy OnAir playout automation has a powerful performance, which provides a unique property and stability to it. 4K playout automation, 8 HD channels playout or 16 SD channels playout run conveniently in suitable environment.

Control of Multiple Channels on one PC Over a Network
Easy OnAir playout can run as stand-alone application. If desired, it can run also server client application by installing Net Control application. Easy Net Control helps to control multiple client at a time over network.

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