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Program4Pc Photo Editor 7.3 Multilingual 一款功能強大的免費照片編輯器
一款功能強大的免費照片編輯器,幫助用戶朋友在任何圖像上執行無損編輯。 如果您有一些需要編輯的高質量圖像,並且不想損壞圖像的高清晰度。Program4Pc Photo Editor可幫助用戶以最簡單,最快捷的方式創建專業的照片效果。照片編輯器過濾器具有油畫,素描,高對比度黑白,懷舊等,具有許多高級功能。圖形編輯程序,支持無損編輯任何圖片,即使您的原始圖片質量比較高,也可以輕鬆完成高清編輯,可以自由添加各種效果,並擁有豐富的畫面。紋理和強大的編輯工具,可以輕鬆糾正你的照片中的缺陷,從各種設計和框架中選擇,以顯示照片的主題,你還可以裁剪照片或調整亮度和對比度,並做出任何修改,快速完成專業 - 質量照片或將它們轉換成藝術品,你還可以調整伽瑪,對比度,模糊,銳化,甚至自動顏色,並且使用非常簡單,進入軟件的界面支持,點擊文件夾的圖標選擇您需要使用的相關圖像,快速選擇圖像,然後您可以修改效果。相關參數調整自定義。該軟件由作者構思為一個非常易於使用的工具,允許沒有特殊技能的用戶在編輯照片或圖像時快速進行必要的調整。

Languages: Multilingual | 

The Photo Editor is designed to be easy to use and user friendly. It is a product for amateurs and professionals (who are in a hurry). This highly intuitive piece of software supports a high variety of formats which allows you to edit a vast number of images and save it in any format you want. The Photo Editor is equipped with the usual set of file operations together with some of the slightly higher level editing options & adjust colors in photos; and apply filters if you ever want to do a hands on job in customizing your images.

Main Features:
- Edit, Adjust, Crop, Resize and Effects
- Create Animated GIF from Video and Photos
- Convert, Resize and Rename Photos
- Make Custom Video Slideshows
- Capture from Screen
- Grab Image from Video

Key Features:
- Crop, Rotate
- Resize
- Effects
- Overlays
- Alignment
- Adjustments
- Create Animated GIF from Video and Photos
- Convert, Compress, Rename
- Create ICON from Image
- Create PDF Document from Scanned Document
- Make Custom Video Slideshow
- Capture from Screen
- Grab Image from Video
Release Notes:

- Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.
Minimum System Requirements:
- Supported OS: Windows 10, 8, 7
- Processor: 1 GHz or higher Intel or AMD compatible CPU
- .NET Framework 4.5
- Memory: 1 GB RAM
- Free Hard Disk Space: 100 MB or more
- Administrative permissions for program installation and activation