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CADMATE 2019 SP2 x64 經濟高效的CAD軟件
CADMATE2019是強大的CAD軟件,使用可替代AutoCAD,它是DWG / DXF兼容的CAD軟件解決方案,用於許多行業,由具有強大功能和熟悉界面的高性能引擎提供支持,允許用戶以更簡單的方式設計,記錄和共享圖紙。軟件可為提升生產力和效率提供強大的支持,並且它的界面和工具都是CAD用戶所飛行熟悉的,所以說不需要進行學習,基本上可直接上手操作,CADMATE 2019優化版具有新的和改進的功能,可有效縮短不同的任務。 在此版本中,用戶可以隨意創建,修改和保存工作空間,檢查當前mtext的拼寫,導入佈局到工作表集文件的靈活性,驗證在佈局空間上創建的視口的實際比例,從設計中心重新定義插入的塊和 更多增強功能。

x64 | Languages:English | 

CADMATE is a robust and scalable CAD application with a gentle learning curve. The latest iteration of the software has new and enhanced features that Spice Technologies designed to fulfill your design needs.

Because it is built with productivity and efficiency in mind, CADMATE has a gentle learning curve brought about by tools already familiar with CAD users. As such, you can master the software speedily.

And though CADMATE is a comprehensive and powerful application, it comes at a fraction of the cost of major CAD software. This way, you can focus on your work and worry less about the total cost of ownership.

CADMATE Features:
-2D Drawing
-3D Modelling
-DWG Convert
-Simultaneous Drawings
-Symmetric Drawing
-Graphic Comparison
-Object Outlines
-Break Object
-Block Break
-Object Snap

CADMATE Benefits:

Redefined CAD:
Spice Technologies enhances CADMATE regularly to bring you powerful tools that allow you to take your designs further. The interface is also made intuitive for you to reduce the time you spend on arranging objects. As such, you can streamline your creation process and lets you do more while elevating your concepts.

Cost Savings:
A one-time purchase of CADMATE allows you to use the software for commercial purposes as long as you want. Because of the perpetual license, you do not need to shell out money for the application every year, enabling you to save on financial resources. It also saves you the hassle of having to install a new version of the software every time.

Gentle Learning Curve:
As it is built on familiar CAD tools, you and your team need not undergo lengthy and thorough training to use CADMATE. Instead, you can immediately utilize it to perform your tasks with ease and save on training costs as well.

System Requirements:
OS:Windows 7,Windows 8(64-bit),Windows 10(64-bit)
CPU:1GHZ or faster, 32-bit(x86) or 64-bit(x64) processor
RAM:For 64-bit CADMATE - 2GB(4GB recommended or higher)
Display:1024 * 768 VGA with True Color (minimum)
Hard Disk:1GB free hard disk available or higher(3GB recommended or higher)

-Supports floating layer properties manager.
-MtextSupports static and dynamic columns.
-FIELD Supports the insertion of other fields in the formula.
-SUPERHATCH Add accuracy settings for arcs and circles, by controlling the segments.
-CLOUD DRIVER Update the connection to dropbox.
-Attributes Increment Enhancement in the attributes increment functions.
-Enhancement in Arabic text display.
-Bug corrections in MLEDIT functions.
-DIMCONTINUEMODE system variable function accomplished.
-LAYMRG options integrated with Layer Properties Manager.
-Enhancement with AREA TABLE command.
-Bug correction with polygon viewport.(While rotating)
-Error code “code 48”, with SAVE function is rectified.
-Compatibility issue rectified while saving a drawing file to a lower version prompting error.