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Swift-E-Logbook 1.7.0 一款簡單好用的航班信息記錄、跟蹤、分析和顯示軟件
Swift-E-Logbook是一款簡單好用的航班信息記錄、跟蹤、分析和顯示軟件,使用將能夠使用智能數據輸入技術記錄航班信息,然後提取有用的信息以分析您的飛行歷史。全功能JAA飛行員日誌程序,通過記錄個人飛行時間,並且可生成標準的飛行體驗記錄,完美符合JAR 1.080的EASA / JAA日誌格式。自動生成更加方便且節省時間,比傳統的紙質飛行日誌的電子備份或紙質打印輸出更加方便,在導航日誌丟失或被盜的情況下具有多個副本是非常有必要!這款好用的電子飛行日誌軟件適用於從學生和私人飛行員到航空公司機長的所有飛行員。

Swift-E-Logbook is an Electronic Flight Logbook suitable for all aviators from student and private pilots to airline captains.

Swift-E-Logbook is the quick, easy and accurate software solution for pilots to ease the chore of logging personal flight times, and produce a record of flying experience in a EASA/JAA logbook format, complying with JAR 1.080.

Save time, no more adding up times- line by line, column by column, page by page.
Digitise your trusty paper flight logbook to see your pilot logbook data in ways you've never imagined.
Electronic backups or paper printouts similar to the traditional paper flight logbooks can be made, having several copies is useful in the case of loss or theft of a pilot logbook.

Logbook Features:
Automatic day / night - flight time calculations
Smart auto-fill for quick and accurate flight data entry
Integrated database of over 30,000 worldwide airfields, enter airfields flown to or from by ICAO, IATA or FAA codes
EASA/JAR-FCL compliant printouts
Runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7
Both 32 bit and 64 bit versions available
Licensed per user - user can install this software program on multiple PCs or Laptops
Record flight duty times, CAP371 FDP checker
Powerful search functions
Sunrise and sunset time calculator
Both Decimal and HH:MM time formats may be used
Keep track of expiry dates
Use multiple logbooks
Free 'Mobile Log Book' - Pocket PC companion program

The flight logbook information can be sorted, filtered, summarised and presented in report or graphical formats, this can save many hours compared to finding information from traditional paper pilot logbooks.

Whats New:
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.