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NewBlueFX Titler Live 4 Complete 4.0.190717 功能強大的動態廣播圖形解決方案
Titler Live 4 Complete是功能強大的動態廣播圖形解決方案,使用可將您的現場製作帶到一個全新的水平,Titler Live為您的作品提供了各種預先設計的圖形,包括靜態的低三分之一標題,動畫主標題,網絡錯誤,顯示來自外部數據源的動態設計等等,使用能夠連接到您的電子表格,社交媒體和記分板數據,並提供兩層3D動畫圖形。在2個頻道上捆綁Titler Live 4現場,社交和體育的力量。Titler Live 4 Complete結合了Titler Live 4 Present,Social和Sport的強大功能,NewBlue Titler Live 4為任何廣播公司提供下一代播出圖形。 通過針對直播活動,新媒體節目,體育,社交流媒體等更強大,直觀且經濟實惠的播出圖形解決方案,即時提升您的產品價值。引入了簡化的工作流程,靈活的控制和強大的新功能,可幫助您快速輕鬆地開始即時更改。包含Titler Live庫,包括與Titler Live一起安裝的所有設計的集合,可以是Titler Live附帶的設計,您創建並保存到庫中的自定義設計,以及您單獨購買的設計集合。當您在播出界面或標題設計器中工作時,Titler Live的庫包含完整的項目設計。當您在標題設計器中工作時,該庫還包括樣式,效果,過渡,形狀和光照的集合,因此您可以快速將預設屬性應用於設計。

Windows x64 | Languages: Multilingual | 
Titler Live 4 Complete - Bundle the power of Titler Live 4 Present, Social and Sport on 2 channels. Titler Live 4 Complete combines the power of Titler Live 4 Present, Social and Sport to bring your live productions to the next level. Connect to your spreadsheet, social media, and scoreboard data plus deliver two layers of 3D animated graphics.

Access 2 Channels of Graphics
Leverage two layers of dynamic 3D animated graphics for corporate events, social streaming, sports or any live production on up to 2 channels of NDI® or SDI key/fill.

Streamline Your Workflows
Titler Live 4 Complete features new workflows and controls to help you get started quickly and easily make changes on the fly. Flexibly design, set up, and playout your graphics in one complete solution.

Drag and drop included design templates onto your playlist or import your own designs from Adobe® Photoshop®. Flexibly edit text, color and images right in the Edit/Preview window.

Easily connect data to your graphics to streamline your set up. Drag and drop data inputs or variables onto any part of a design to repurpose it as you need. Even connect multiple inputs to a design.

Go Live
Experience faster playout with an enhanced render engine. Quickly make animated updates to your graphics on the fly. Deliver one live graphic on up to 2 channels for two simultaneous graphics.

Work with Leading Solutions
Flexibly integrate with leading streaming solutions including Wirecast®, NewTek™, Broadcast Pix™, EVS®, Lumantek, vMix®, Blackmagic Design®, Roland®, Panasonic® and more.

Spreadsheets & More
• Streamline your productions with on-air graphics driven from leading data sources.
• Connect to Excel® spreadsheets and tables, RSS feeds, clocks and more.
• Leverage spreadsheet autoplay mode to run-through your lower thirds, tables and crawls.

Social Media
• Engage your audience with comments, tweets and Facebook comment and reaction polling.
• Combine your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube feeds into one to easily manage your show.
• Queue your most relevant comments and posts into a custom social playlist.

Scoreboards & Clocks
• Bring in scoreboard data from Daktronics® (via NewTek DataLink), Stat Crew® or Sportzcast.
• Leverage dedicated scoreboard controllers to drive scores for all your games.
• Access all-new graphics packages. Includes scoreboards, lower thirds, stat cards and more.

Customize Your Designs
Bring in your existing graphics from Adobe® Photoshop® or customize ready-to-use designs in the intuitive Title Designer. Deliver stunning tables, lower thirds, crawls, motion bugs, main titles, scoreboards, live social media and more.

Transform Your Live Productions
Bundle the power of Titler Live 4 Present, Social and Sport to bring your live productions to the next level and deliver two layers of dynamic on-air graphics.
Release Notes:

• New right-click option to 'Save all titles...' as .nbtitle projects from Playlist panel.
• Reduced launch time.
• Additional fixes title cache priority order.
• Fixed HDMI output playback.
• Improved Live Monitor and playlist performance.

Compatibility & Requirements:
• Microsoft® Windows® 7 or later
• 2 GHz processor (multicore or multiprocessor CPU recommended for HD)
• 4 GB RAM (8 GB RAM or greater recommended for HD)
• 1.16 GB drive space for installation

• 2015 or later
• 1GB VRAM (2GB+ recommended)
• 902Mhz base clock (1506Mhz+ recommended)