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Encryptomatic MailDex 2019 v1.3.8.4 Multilingual 一款功能強大的電子郵件管理器
MailDex是一款功能強大的電子郵件管理器,使用MailDex索引,搜索,查看和導出電子郵件內容,包括Microsoft Outlook MSG,EML,PST,OST和MBOX文件。MailDex不要求在計算機上安裝MAPI以使用Outlook電子郵件文件。您還可以查看郵件標題,正文,附件以及對它們執行各種操作,包括將它們導出為不同的文件格式(如PDF)。MailDex可以批量打印和導出電子郵件內容。使用可幫助用戶輕鬆解決您的電子郵件搜索問題,可用於索引、發現和轉換電子郵件,涵蓋從電子郵件內容構建閃電快速索引。您可以快速查找重要的電子郵件,並直接從源數據文件中處理它們。支持將電子郵件轉換為PDF,CSV和其他格式。支持批量打印,簡單方便快捷,對於各種複雜的電子郵件,軟件能夠很好的呈現出來,不管你的郵件中有嵌入式圖形、形狀、圖表等都沒有任何問題,準確的顯示,並可以在將電子郵件轉換為PDF等圖像文檔時獲得高度準確的圖像。

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Take control of your email problem with MailDex®. Build a project-based searchable index of email content. Find important emails fast, then match them back to the original data file. Bulk print, PDF, convert emails.

Quick Intro to MailDex E-mail Manager
MailDex® by Encryptomatic® LLC is a Windows software tool for indexing, discovering and converting emails. MailDex works across many different email formats, including Outlook .pst, .ost, and .msg files, and .eml, .mbox, winmail.dat, and .mht files. With MailDex, you can find that needle in a haystack; that one important email hidden among millions

MailDex has an advanced email rendering engine able to accurately display complex Microsoft Outlook messages, including Rich Text emails with embedded graphics and special formatting such as shapes, SmartArt and embedded charts. Hundreds of non-standard email formatting exceptions have been identified and individually included in the code, enabling our MailDex to render emails that other products can't. This means you get highly accurate images when converting email to image documents such as PDF. Reply and forward to email messages from MailDex using your default Windows email application, such as Thunderbird, Outlook, or any other email client that supports Simple Mapi.

Easy To Use and Unlimited
MailDex is project driven, so for example, a law firm performing discovery on multiple cases can establish multiple projects. This simplifies discovery and prevents content mingling. With MailDex, you can create an unlimited number of projects. Each project can index an unlimited number of emails. Search across one project, or search across all of your projects. Email files within a project, or an entire project may be removed from your MailDex index at any time.

MailDex natively supports indexing of many different types of email content. You can add Outlook .pst, .ost or .mbox email files, or select a Windows folder with .msg or .eml files or a mix of email content. MailDex immediately begins indexing email content after it is added to a project. The status column keeps you informed of the indexing progress. MailDex is optimized for fast indexing, exceeding 12,000 emails per minute on a modestly resourced computer. When indexing is complete, your searches of email content will return lightening fast results.

Controlled Unclassified Information:
If you work with Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI), MailDex can be set to respect CUI tagged emails during export operations. Activate this feature by selecting the "Exclude CUI" option on the export tab.

PST to PDF Conversion
Export emails from Microsoft Outlook PST files to PDF documents. It also exports msg, eml, ost, and mht files to PDF. A range of pdf export options lets you decide how to handle email file attachments: extract them to a disk, convert them into the pdf image, or embed them as individual files. Support is included for ISO 19005-1, an important email archiving standard also known as PDF/A.

With MailDex's pdf export capabilities, you can:
• Convert email to PDF with email file attachments embedded within the PDF file
• Convert to PDF with many common file attachments types converted into the PDF image
• Bulk extract email file attachments to a location on your hard drive
• Convert multiple emails into a single PDF file
• Add selected emails to an existing PDF file
• Archive emails using PDF/A - ISO 19005-1 standard
• Export email to other formats including Word Docx, ODT, Mbox, GIF, TIF, BMP, JPG, CSV (Excel), HTML, MSG, and MHT
• Select among different page formats such as A1, A3, etc., or define your own

Opens All Outlook Pst Files
Index and search .pst files created by any version of Microsoft Outlook, including newer Unicode and older ANSI formatted .pst files. System administrators are able to customize the user interface, removing features their users don't need. An .msi file supports silent deployment and silent registration.

Searching .PST Files
Find the email messages you need with advanced search options. Use "quick search" to sift through emails fast. Use "Advanced Search" when you need to specify multiple criteria. Search a specific range of dates, sender, or the recipient's email address.
Release Notes:

• Feature: New Advanced Search.
Requirements: MailDex requires Microsoft Windows (10/8/7).