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IDERA ER/Studio Software Architect v18.0.0 Build 20181205.0200 處理數據模型及其在邏輯和物理層面的軟件
IDERA ER / Studio集成工具,旨在處理數據模型及其在邏輯和物理層面的分析。它專為數據庫的設計,創建和維護而設計。 ER / Studio Data Architect,業界最佳數據建模工具之一,通過雙向數據庫支持,數據架構師可以輕鬆執行逆向工程,分析和數據庫優化。 ER / Studio Data Architect中強大的協作工具有助於提高生產力並確保遵守組織標準。

ER / Studio Data Architect是一種數據建模工具,允許您發現,記錄和重用信息資源。借助雙向數據庫支持,數據架構師可以輕鬆地重建,分析和優化現有數據庫。高級ER / Studio Data Architect報告和互操作性工具可促進組織添加信息並支持高水平的性能。加。信息:支持數據庫的整個生命週期,具有正向和反向工程的可能性。增強了模型和數據庫結構的雙向比較和合併。

ER / Studio 18.0.1 Data Architect在逆向工程數據庫時使用Windows憑據連接到SQL Server時糾正錯誤(問題ERS-27184)。 由於SQL Server本機驅動程序中的更改,嘗試與18.0.0版本的Data Architect連接時可能會發生潛在的連接錯誤。

Languages:English |

ER/Studio Software Architect is a design-driven environment for modeling software applications. It features support for UML 2.0, OCL, patterns, quality assurance audits and metrics, import/export support, and automated documentation generation. The goal is to model applications using UML.

ER/Studio Software Architect is an Eclipse-based RCP application, and the primary components are a Model Navigator, Diagram Editor, Palette, and Properties View. ER/Studio Software Architect will have only one perspective, based on the Modeling perspective.

Organizations can leverage ER/Studio Software Architect technologies to:
-Improve requirements elaboration definition processes through the use of visualization and
supported modeling notations such as Unified Modeling Language (UML).
-Ensure applications and/or integrations are designed and developed clearly with maximum
adaptability and reusability.
-Ensure application requirements, architectures, and designs can be well understood and

communicated effectively to enterprise teams without ambiguity.
Product Benefits by Audience

Data Modelers:This product assists data modelers in designing logical and physical data
models and exporting them into databases, as well as visualizing existing databases into ER
IT or Application Analysts:Assists with the definition and analysis of requirements through UML
use case analysis the process of visualizing requirements through use cases, activity diagrams,
and interaction diagrams.

Architects and Toolsmiths:Assist with the definition, implementation, customization, and
deployment of Domain Specific Modeling Languages, consisting of MetaModels, Graphical
Editors, Transformations, Reports and additional functions to support the need to express
models with tailored tooling.

Development Team:Assists with communication through common language and visual
representation of the requirements, architecture, and code.
Architects and Developers: Assists with improving and monitoring application quality through
audits and metrics for models.

System requirements:
OS:Microsoft Windows 7 / Microsoft Windows 8 / Microsoft Windows 8.1 / Microsoft Windows 10
CPU:1.2 GHz
Memory:4 GB RAM
Space:220 MB hard disk space minimum (plus additional space during installation).Storage Sufficient space for workspaces, which will vary according to complexity
Dispaly:High resolution monitor (1024 x 768 or higher) with high 256 colors (16-bit)

Whats New:
Updates:official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.

IDERA ER/Studio Software Architect v18.0.0 Build:20181205.0200