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WHATSENDER Pro 5.0 可以從PC發送批量的Whatsapp消息的輔助軟件
WhatSender Pro是一款直觀,易用且功能強大的應用程序,可讓您直接從計算機發送批量Whatsapp消息。此程序允許您將相同的消息發送給無限量的聯繫人以及複製和導入聯繫人。WhatSender提供了一種智能且簡單的方式來立即發送堆棧消息,突破了WhatsApp提供的功能。這是一個必須由營銷人員擁有的工具,因為使用此工具,一切都將更容易,更快捷。

Nice Software to send Bulk Whatsapp Messages directly from your PC Best Whatsapp Marketing and Sender Tool.

Send messages to multiple contacts fast and efficiently
While you can, in theory, send the same message to multiple contacts in regular Whatsapp, you are limited to how many contacts you can do that at a time, and if you're on mobile, your device might crash when you reach a high enough number.
WhatSender acts like the Whatsapp version of an E-mail bulk message sender, allowing you to theoretically send the same message to an unlimited amount of contacts.

Adding contacts in bulk
Of course, writing one message and attaching a file is the easy part, but then looking through ten or more contacts (maybe even hundreds) and selecting them as receivers can be time-consuming. That is why WhatSender allows you to import hundreds or thousands of contacts at once from already existent CSV or TEXT files, and as long as the files themselves are done in a readable manner, adding them becomes easy.

Texts, files, anything you want
Besides sending an actual message, you can also send attachments in bulk, without any limitation regarding the file format. More so, after you're done, you can clear your entire contact list and import others with just the click of a button, so sending different messages to different sets of contacts is easy.

Bulk messaging done easy
If you're in a company and would like to send all your colleagues and employees the same message and file, but prefer the more personal approach that Whatsapp gives off, then you'll love using WhatSender.

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